API Improvement Proposals
Focused design documents for flexible API development.


AIPs are design documents that summarize Google's API design decisions. They also provide a framework and system for others to document their own API design rules and practices.

Curious about the basics?

AIPs are a combination of design guidance and a system we use to manage and track that guidance. Learn more about how the AIP program works in the first AIP!
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Want to help?

Interested in helping with AIPs? Contribute by proposing new guidance, commenting on existing AIPs, or fixing typos. All contributions are welcome!
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Want to use AIPs for your organization?

AIPs are designed to be useful outside of Google. Take a look at how you might choose which AIPs are best suited to your API design needs.
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Still have questions?

Free free to take a look at the frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer there, file an issue on our GitHub repository.
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