Frequently asked questions

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Why Protocol Buffers?

At Google, we define all of our APIs using Protocol Buffers (.proto files). While we realize there are lots of other, newer ways of defining these interfaces (e.g., OpenAPI, RAML, etc), we had to standardize on something and since we're Google, we use protos.

This also leads to some very Google-specific ways of mapping proto RPCs to RESTful URIs (google.api.http annotations). If you're not using protos, feel free to follow the spirit of the API guidance since you won't be able to follow the example snippets exactly as provided.

What's all this Googley stuff?

Originally, our API guidance was written by and for Googlers only. We're in the process of making this guidance more general to the world, but that's far from complete. If you see things like "Submit a CL" or "Talk to your PA lead", feel free to send pull requests to fix these oversights.

(CL stands for "Change List" which is sort of like a GitHub Pull Request, and PA stands for "Product Area" meaning things like "Google Maps" or "Google Workspace".)

I like most of these AIPs, but some make no sense for me. What do I do?

Sometimes guidance from AIPs makes lots of sense for Google (perhaps due to its size or scale) but no sense at all for others. This is much more common than we originally thought, so we added a way for sub-teams to override guidance that doesn't make sense for those teams.

If you want to adopt most of the AIPs but have a few that make no sense for your team, you can override those few and stick to just the ones that make sense for you.

Why aren't all of Google's products listed here?

When this project was first published, the AIP program was still relatively new. Even with time, not all of Google has adopted AIPs as the way of documenting their API guidance and policies. We're working on broadening the scope to more and more areas, both inside and outside Google, so this will continue to evolve.

If you work at Google and want your team to adopt AIPs for documenting how your team does APIs, feel free to reach out to get in touch with us!

I have a question that isn't answered here. What do I do?

We're still pretty new and haven't built up a long list of frequently asked questions, so if you have a question not answered here, you can always ask us on GitHub by filing an issue.

And if you already know the answer to a question that would be helpful for others, send us a pull request adding it to this page!